Some bunny loves you!

Our engagement photoshoot was coming up and I wanted to include something that was a little special and "us". Since my crochet trademark are the bunnies that I create for BunniBorro, I thought it would be nice to incorporate that to represent us.

I customized my bunny with a white dress and dusty rose flower to accessorize. Dusty rose is going to be one of the colors in my wedding theme after all. For the boy bunny I wanted him to look sharp and dashing. Normally I'd do standing bunnies and I would have put shorts and suspenders on him, so I had to figure out an outfit that didn't leave him naked with just a bow tie. I thought of a simple vest that I just made up on the spot, and luckily it turned out great!

I can't wait to see how our engagement photos came out as we incorporated these bunnies, but this is how the final product came out and I'm pretty happy with it.



Bridal Shower

I'm in a friend's wedding party and there was tons of work to be done for her bridal shower. I created some banners, and some prints for the party favors.

I wanted to play around with my collection of water color and brush script fonts I've slowly been accumulating. I think water color gives off such a pretty and soft effect.

I also baked a bunch of macarons to add to the party favors which was a cute tea cup with a mini jar of honey, tea and madeleine. 

Lastly I folded a bunch of pinwheels that took way too long. Here is little Hobbes keeping me company.